Can I exchange, if there is no reserve?

You can make an exchange, but it will occur after reserve appearance in turn.

What is negative reserve?

This means, in this direction exchange applications have been stored, but at the moment no reserve is available.

How soon reserve appears?

Our automated platform adjusts courses for faster increase of missing currency in automatic mode.

How discount counts?

You take our course, subtract official course from it and count the discount from this sum.

How big is the discount storage system?

  • 0.5 - on registration
  • 0.8 - from 5000
  • 1.5 - from 10000
  • 3 - from 20000
  • 5 - from 30000

How to count affiliate assignments?

You take our course, subtract official course from it and count affiliate percent from this sum.

How big are affiliate assignments?

Initial affiliate assignments 10
Increase of assignments depends on operations turnover and is discussed with the support manager.

How fast exchange occurs?

Exchange takes place in completely automatic mode and depends only on electronic money and banks possibilities.

How much time will I have to pay?

You will have 30 minutes, on time expiry application closes.

I paid the application, but it was closed. What to do?

You shall contact us to restore status of application and its processing.

I have paid for application, but want to return the money. What shall I do?

If exchange on Your application wasn’t carried out, repayment will be help through supporting with 5% fee.